Moviescapital Sales Bonuses For Affiliates Is Now Offering Affiliate Sales Bonuses!
New! As of Nov 1st 2010 is offering bonuses on sales to it's affiates. Is a top converting service and many affiliates are currently reaching these affiliate bonus pricing points easily. Now is your chance to jump on board and earn amazing commissions and bonuses with low refund rates!.
Basic Affiliate Bonus Profits + Basic Commission
Total Sales
Per Month
Bonus Payout
Per Sale
Bonus Paid
100-200 monthy net sales $1.5 Per Sale 200 sales = 75% Commission + Bonus $1.5x200 sales:$300
201-300 monthy sales $1.7 Per Sale 300 sales = 75% Commission + Bonus $1.7x300 sales:$510
301-400 monthy net sales $2 Per Sale 400 sales= 75% Commission + Bonus $2x400 sales:$800
401-500 monthly sales $2.4 Per Sale 500 sales =75% Commission+ Bonus $2.4x500 sales:$1200
501-600 monthy net sales $2.7 Per Sale 600 sales =75% Commission + Bonus $2.7x600 sales:$1620
601-700 monthly sales $3 Per Sale 700 sales =75% Commission+ Bonus $3x700 sales:$2100
701-800 monthy net sales $3.4 per sale 800 sales =75% Commission+ Bonus $3.4x800 sales:$2720
801-900 monthly sales $3.7 per sale 900 sales =75% Commission + Bonus $3.7x900 sales:$3330
1001 + Monthly sales Contact us Contact us for special bonus pricing
All bonuses are paid via paypal at the begining of every month regarding the previous month. Monthly sales are calculated as follows:
Total sales-Refunds-chargebacks= Net sales calculated for bonuses.
To claim your bonus please shot us an email to at the begining of the month including your affiliate id, paypal mail for sending bonus payments and net sales calculations.

*We will begin calculating sales for bonuses for sales made from November 1st 2010 and beyond.

Note: Please make sure you contact us before the 5th of each month.