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Welcome to MoviesCapital.com Affiliate program
MoviesCapital is a top converting legal movie downloads site available for affiliate promotion at CCBILL.COM.
On 01.01/2016 Moviescapital has changed payment processor and moved to CCBILL.COM .A more solid and stable payment processor to benefit both us and our affilates
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Key Features

    Affiliates earn 65% commission per sale
    5% webmaster referral
    CCBill affiliate tracking with weekly payments.
    More customer payment options (check and wire)

    Start Promoting Moviescapital.com as an Affiliate in 3 simple steps!

    Start Promoting Moviescapital as an affiliate in 3 simple steps:


    1.Register as an affiliate at CCBILL.COM by clicking the "create new account" button below

    Your CCBILL Affiliate ID(7 digits):
    Your Generated Affiliate Linking Code:

    3.Verify your affiliate link is working.

    a.Copy and paste the generated link into a new browser window.
    b.Moviescapital.com website should open.
    c.Navigate the site all the way to the cccbill purchase page (where customers enter their credit card details).
    d.Right click on your mouse and select "view source" (on Chrome select "view page source")
    e.Click ctrl+f on your keyboard. The search prompt should open.
    f.Enter your affiliate id into the search prompt.
    g.If all is working ok you should see the following code on the page source:
    input type=hidden name=ccbill_referer value='XXXXXXX'
    XXXXXX should be your affiliate id (see affiliate id 2539777 as an example below).
    h.Contact us via our support form if you have any problem with the above process.

    MoviesCapital.com Is Now Offering Affiliate Sales Bonuses!
    New! As of Nov 1st 2010 Moviescapital.com is offering bonuses on sales to it's affiates. Moviescapital.com Is a top converting service and many affiliates are currently reaching these affiliate bonus pricing points easily. Now is your chance to jump on board and earn amazing commissions and bonuses with low refund rates!.
    Basic Affiliate Bonus Profits + Basic Commission
    Total Sales
    Per Month
    Bonus Payout
    Per Sale
    Bonus Paid
    100-200 monthy net sales $1.5 Per Sale 200 sales = 75% Commission + Bonus $1.5x200 sales:$300
    201-300 monthy sales $1.7 Per Sale 300 sales = 75% Commission + Bonus $1.7x300 sales:$510
    301-400 monthy net sales $2 Per Sale 400 sales= 75% Commission + Bonus $2x400 sales:$800
    401-500 monthly sales $2.4 Per Sale 500 sales =75% Commission+ Bonus $2.4x500 sales:$1200
    501-600 monthy net sales $2.7 Per Sale 600 sales =75% Commission + Bonus $2.7x600 sales:$1620
    601-700 monthly sales $3 Per Sale 700 sales =75% Commission+ Bonus $3x700 sales:$2100
    701-800 monthy net sales $3.4 per sale 800 sales =75% Commission+ Bonus $3.4x800 sales:$2720
    801-900 monthly sales $3.7 per sale 900 sales =75% Commission + Bonus $3.7x900 sales:$3330
    1001 + Monthly sales Contact us Contact us for special bonus pricing upport@moviescapital.com
    All bonuses are paid via paypal at the begining of every month regarding the previous month. Monthly sales are calculated as follows:
    Total sales-Refunds-chargebacks= Net sales calculated for bonuses. To claim your bonus please shot us an email to support@moviescapital.com at the begining of the month including your affiliate id, paypal mail for sending bonus payments and net sales calculations.

    *We will begin calculating sales for bonuses for sales made from November 1st 2010 and beyond.
    Join our elite affiliates maling list!
     Join our elite affiliates maling list for updates , promotional materials and special offers for affiliates!
    How to get started promoting us and earning 65% affiliate commissions:
    All the movies at moviescapital.com are licensed and legal and download directly from our servers. The movie download industry is a billions of dollars annual industry with hundreds of million online searches a month.

    If you want to base your affiliate business on a huge traffic niche with proven conversions adding much needed STABILITY to your affiliate business in an ever changing volatile online marketing environment moviescapital.com is the answer with a proven long term track record.
    Here's how to get started! It's very simple to earn commissions by promoting our site.

    Movies Capital sells for $29.95, $34.95 & $39.95 USD. For every sale you refer to us, we will pay you 65% 
    All you do is promote our service with your custom affiliate link and CCBILL.com will pay you all your commissions.

    MoviesCapital uses CCBILL to manage it's affiliate program. We will provide you with great tools to sell our product easily. We also provide you ways to track your hits, sales, campaigns, and commissions.

    For CCBILL.com:All you need is a free CCBILL.com affiliate account ID using the above provided instructions

    Why such a high commission rate? We pay 75% on Level because we want to have as many people as we can promote our product. That way the word can get out to the most amount of people.

    Who pays me? On CCBILL: All your commissions are automatically processed and paid to you via CCBILL using checks or wire transfer to your bank account.

    On Plimus: More details coming soon.

    When do I get paid? On CCBILL: clickabank pays affiliates twice a month. All your commissions are due on the 15th and 1st of every month.

    How do I promote?
    . All you do is promote the unique URL that we give you. Then you can advertise it using your website, banners, your own opt-in list, etc... When people come here you get paid a whopping 75% commission on the sale of every moviescapital!

    Already have a CCBILL.com account?
    Start sending visitors using your CCBILL affiliate id and earn amazing commissions.

    Please note:
    We do not allow under any condition affiliate marketers promoting this website to make false statements and advertising to potential customers regarding the nature, quality and quantity of movies our website offers.if in doubt contact us via our support email and ask us.