Q: Is this Service Legal?

A: Yes! MoviesCapital.com is a legal movie downloads service. The website has the licenses to distribute it's movie titles online both for direct downloading and online streaming methods.Downloading movies from us is both safe and legal.

Q: Do you have movies in High Definition(HD)?

A: Yes. You will also be able to download HD movies from our members area (usually the newer releases).The HD movies are typically marked with  "HD" near the title name.

Q: How old are the movies available for download?

A: The A: The movie range spans from the early classics to new releases(2013 DVD Releases)

Q: How Many Movies Can I Download?

A: You can download as many movies as you want with absolutely no restrictions,limits or additional fees. The concept of MoviesCapital.com is "Unlimited movie downloads" which means that once the membership has been paid members can download unlimited movies from the members area and never have to pay any additional fees or be charged ever again.

Q: Is this a P2P filesharing program or a direct download?

A: MoviesCapital.com is NOT a p2p and/or filesharing program! Our Service provides direct high speed downloads. All movies download directly from our servers and there is no need for any "downloading software".

Q:Can i download movies directly into my Ipad and Iphone with this service?

A: Yes! as a member of moviescapital.com you will have the ability to download movies directly into your Ipad and Iphone. It's easy and simple as 1,2,3. Moviescapital is one of the only services online that allows you to download movies directly into your Iphone and Ipad.

Q: Is MoviesCapital.com a monthly subscription service?

A: MoviesCapital.com memberships are a one time non-recurring payment and we DO NOT have any monthly billing charges. The only payment you will ever make is for your initial account setup when registering as one of our many valued members. You will never need to pay for any of the movies downloaded from our members area.

Q: How long do i get to keep the movies that i downloaded?

A: There is no time limit on your downloaded movies you may keep these movies for as long as you like even burn them to CD/DVD and create your own DVD movie collection.

Q: I have a monthly download limit for my broadband internet.Can you please advise, on average,how many KB/MB/GB downloading a movie would use?

A: The movies come as AVI or MP4 files and the sizes of the movies vary from 600MB - 5 GB(5000MB) depending on the length  and quality of the movie.

Q: Can i burn the movies i download to CD/DVD so i can watch on other devices except my PC?

A: Yes! you can burn to CD/DVD any movie downloaded from our website so you can watch it on your media device We even supply tools to convert the movie files to work on your media device(if needed).

Q: Do the movies have any kind of protection against burning them to CD/DVD such as Digital Rights Management(DRM)

A: There is no DRM protection on our movies or any other protection, on the contrary we encourage you to burn the movies you download to CD/DVD so you can enjoy them on your standalone DVD player.

Q: How much time does it take downloading a single movie?

A: The Downloading time for a movie depends entirely on the capacity of your internet connection. If you own a very fast Internet connection(broadband) the downloading process may take no more than a few minutes. You can also use the online streaming feature that will allow you to view the movie without downloading it first.

Q: When i download movies in which format will i be getting them?

A: All the downloadable movies at MoviesCapital.com are in AVI and MP4 formats.Typically you would use the MP4 format for Apple and Android phones and tablets.

Q:Can i store movies in my Kindle Fire?

A: For Kindle fire please select "Download as MP4" and download the movie file to your computer. Inside the members area you will find simple instructions on how to transfer the movie file from your computer into your Fire.

Q: How much time will i have to wait until i gain access to the MoviesCapital.com members-area after i pay?

A: Members are granted INSTANT access to the members area. Upon completion of your payment your will be provided with your user name and password to access the members only area.

Q:Being new to downloading movies, will it be difficult?

A: You will find the downloading process very easy. Simply click on the movie title you want to watch or search for it in the search field and click on the "download now" button to download the movie or click on the "play movie" button to watch the movie online.

Q: Is my registration secure and confidential?

A: Yes, your registration is 100% safe and secured vis SSL.

Q: How do I become a member of MoviesCapital?

A: In order to become a member of MoviesCapital.com all you have to do is click on the Sign Up button in the upper menu and choose your membership plan.

Q: I have a Mac, will that cripple me in any way?

A: There are no problems using Mac computers to watch movies with our service. You can also use your tablet and Mobile devices in order to view the movies. We even supply the software tools needed to convert the files to your device if needed.

Q: I Am Having Technical Issues Watching The Movies, What Can I Do?

A: We have an active support team working 24/7 to solve members technical issues.

Q: I live outside the US can I still use your service?

A: Yes, our service is not limited by geography , you can use the service to download movies from any country worldwide.